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Quais as vantagens de se utilizar o Tablet GOGET e não um tablet comum? (Última atualização: 25/04/2018 22:27:44)

Seguem as vantagens, diretamente vindas da GOGET:

Seguem as grandes vantagens de se usar o tablet GOGET de forma profissional.


  • Room Sync Plus is commercial grade, Android OS tablets are consumer grade.
    • It is designed to run 24/7 for years while tablets are intended for usage a couple of hours per day.
    • Means: using consumer grade tablets, you’ll have to buy new ones very quickly.
  • Robustness – all components are more robust for prolonged lifespan. A comparison of the motherboards would show that everything is more robust for our device.
    • Means: using our tablet, the system runs smoothly, no leaks, no breaks, no headaches
  • Built-in Ethernet port – not possible with Android tablets
    • Means: in non-wireless environments, you’ll have a problem.
  • Built-in support for PoE
    • Means: you can power in your tablet using the same cable you use for network it.
  • Full Kiosk mode – the device is completely locked-down so users cannot escape Android OS.
    • Means: large security, no application logout, no uninstalls, no problems. You can trhust it’s always being running.
  • Wall mounting – no separate wall mount needed
    • Means: we thought everything for you to have it attached to your wall or glass door.
  • Hidden cables – no cables visible (with regular tablet the power cable is visible).
    • Means: you want something professional or what? Do you want your customer to have a good or bad impression of your company?
    • Means: you have it clean, beautiful, elegant, professional again.